Friday, May 11, 2007

Some of my favorite comedy.

I just thought I'd share these two clips. During the last week of the semester, I sometimes let off steam by watching one of these two clips. I think they are extremely funny, and the type of humor used in both I think would work wonderfully in animation. I hope one day to learn how to write stuff like this.

(d. Terry Gilliam, 1991)

In this scene from THE FISHER KING, Jeff Bridges' character is playing cupid for his mentally-lost friend. In order to lure the woman of his friend's dreams (Amanda Plummer), Bridges employs an out-of-work Cabaret singer (Michael Jeter). I think Jeter's performance here is priceless.

(d. Terry Jones, 1983)

What can I say about Monty Python, except brilliant. It's impossible not to laugh at this brand of humor. British humor has always been intriguing, but not like Python's. I love both the scene and the song in this clip from THE MEANING OF LIFE. I would say the clip is pretty self-explanitory.

The longer clip from the movie is just as funny. I recommend this for those of you who are not offended, and in need of a good laugh.

See you soon.

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