Monday, October 8, 2007

The World is my Critic ~ First Entry

I thought I might try something, just to keep this blog going.

I recently checked out Dan Pinto's blog, and even though he's a student, he's managed to post a drawing up there practically everyday. I'm only acquainted with Dan through a friend, but I'm very impressed. This gave me an idea.

I will post a drawing up here as often as possible...any drawing, no matter how I feel about it. And I urge whoever reads this blog (no matter how few) to give me some pointers on how to better the drawing. Since I am still a student, criticism is really valuable. I will see how often I can keep this idea going.

The drawing here I did very quickly from a paused frame. The character is (I think) called Oily Cat, from Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse series in the late 1980's (I am starting to discovering it, as well as old Terrytoons). I really like this pose, as the character looks like a performer, yet with a very earnest and appealing expression.

Every time I copy an existing cartoon, I analyze my hands (in a manner of speaking) to see what lines and shapes feel comfortable, and eventually I learn something about how I can better my own animation drawing. And mind you, I do not mean for these drawings to look exactly like the original.

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