Monday, November 26, 2007

Emmett's Birthday and the discovery of TOP CAT

As usual, my birthday this year just happened to fall upon Thanksgiving, so my family and I had a double celebration. My sister, who is a culinary student, took charge of my birthday treat shown below. All I asked was no chocolate this year, and in turn, I got a lovely collection of cream-filled, sugar glazed pastries (I can't remember what the dish is called, but it was still great).

What did I do on my birthday besides eating? I discovered Hanna Barbera's Top Cat for the first time in my life. Although I had discovered many HB characters when I was a little kid (through one of our local video stores), I never found anything on Top Cat, even though the character popped up in HB images every so often. I found myself attracted to it, which is I guess isn't too sup rising. I find HB's characters to be among the most appealing, right up there with Looney Tunes characters and others.

Along with Top Cat, I also watched a Looney Tunes DVD with my Grandmother. She's getting up there, and it was wonderful to see her laughing. I showed her Bob Clampett's Book Revue with Daffy Duck (one of my favorites). And not only was she laughing, but she was excited to pick out all the celebrities parodied in the cartoon. A true classic.

I would like to wish whoever reads this blog a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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Eric Noble said...

I love Top Cat as well. I think it was one of the last great shows that Hanna-Barbera ever made. You may not like this, but I kind of like H-B's mid-sixties shows like "Space Ghost" or "The Galaxy Trio" but that's just for the designs by the great comic-book artist Alex Toth. If you want some animation with cool poses, check out "The Mighty Heroes" by Ralph Bakshi. It was made in 1966. You can find some episodes on YouTube.

P.S., I like to point out the celebrity caricatures in old cartoons as well.