Thursday, May 29, 2008

Parasite's Delight

It's been over a month since I last wrote here, and I apologize. I have been hard at work on my film, but it is now finished. And I am ready to share it with the rest of the world (or those who are at least interested).

Parasite's Delight tells the tale of a small, orange parasite named Pitti. He has been living inside a cow, until the cow dies of natural causes. Pitti's palace (the cow) deteriorates quickly, and he is left homeless in a post-apocalyptic environment. He will find a lot is different in this world, where his fellow parasitic species have learned to survive on their own.

This film was very different for me. It used more animation, more coloring, more cut-backs, original music (courtesy of my Dad), and many other little things. If there is anything I am proudest of, it is that I managed to create something with some scale to it, which is tricky for some independent filmmakers. When I say scale, I mean a story that can move through environments and maintain its layers. A lot of commercial films have scale. John Dilworth's work has tremendous scale. Don Hertzfeld's work (after 1999 in my opinion) has amazing scale. Parasite's Delight has many layers to it. There are themes in it which I hope to revisit at some point in future work.

I have the film on YouTube, but I don't encourage you to watch it this way. This film is meant to be seen more clearly.

Now that the film is done, I am in the process of getting it into some festivals now. I am also in the process of finding work.
I hope to be back soon. I am still recuperating.

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