Thursday, September 4, 2008

Half-Assed Update

I have been concerned lately, because I can't seem to come up with any decent ideas for a new film. And it doesn't help to continually read about the destruction of commercial animation.

I have just read John K's latest blog entry, which happens to be part of something larger. Mr K is currently writing up a very informative history of Canadian Commercial animation. Although distinctions are pointed out from American animation, I feel like some of the noteworthy criticisms Mr. K has to offer are mirrored in the history of American commercial animation. The parts that really shattered me was where he detailed the devastatingly unoriginal ideas behind the characters and stories in some of these shows and movies.

Not coming up with any good ideas lately is frustrating. And when I see things that have half-assed ideas, a part of me should feel determined not to follow that route. But then another part of me fears that I may follow that route without knowing it. After all I must admit: I did not know what made lousy animated shows/movies until after I turned 18. I grew up on certain things, and recently I watched them again. The feeling just isn't the same.

I don't know why I am saying all of this. I guess I just need to blow off some steam (and this seems like a harmless way to do so). I enjoy Mr. K's amazing insight into the art of good animation and filmmaking. But even though I am no longer an enrolled student, I still feel like I don't even know half the game. I completed Parasite's Delight having learned a great deal about structuring a short film. But the feeling is fleeting; I was wondering how much work it will be to do it again. I don't learn as quickly as some of my peers.

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