Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emotional Draining from both sides

I have been unable to write anything since last time. I have been working as part of the crew on an independent film. I don't feel like its my place to discuss any details of the film, and its bad enough I'm not getting immediate payment for it. But I can definitely say the experience is emotionally draining, and if there's anything I'm getting out of it, its possible inspiration for something of my own.

Recently, I got chewed out (to a lesser extent) for putting down the Academy Awards in the comments section of Michael Sporn's blog. Sporn had listed all the animated shorts submitted for consideration, and they of course included all the major studios as well as independents. I've only given attention to the Academy the last few years, but I got the feeling that the Academy was going to nominate Disney, Pixar and Blue Sky, no matter what, because they were the bigger names on the list. I said it, and opened up a can of worms from Sporn and a couple other readers. I immediately apologized when I saw it, but I think I made myself look bad. I didn't mean to cause any grief, but I still believe there is a certain bias in the Academy's selection. Of course, many independent films have won Best Animated Short, which I am fully aware of. But being nominated gains you just as much credibility as winning. And not every Disney short is an outstanding piece. But since I am still relatively new in this industry, I don't have an seasoned experience like some others.

WALL-E, which I think is one of Pixar's most unique works, won the LA Film Critics Circle's Best Picture award. I understand this is the first time an animated feature has won best picture for the LA Film Critics Circle. That's a big achievement, as far as I am concerned.

I currently have a couple of jobs coming up, both unpaid. Though I am very interested in their possibilities, I still yearn for some paying work. Unfortunately, the economy hasn't been on mine or anyone Else's side lately.

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