Monday, February 5, 2007

"Harlem Shuffle" ~ Music Videos with Animation

"Harlem Shuffle" ~ The Rolling Stones, 1986
Directed by Ralph Bakshi
Animation by John Kricfalusi

A personal slice of heaven for me is when great animation is paired with great music. There aren't too many good music videos out there now, possibly because it is such an industry abused art form.

This video here is quite rare. It was directed by Ralph Bakshi (FRITZ THE CAT, WIZARDS), and animated by one of our favorites, John Kricfalusi (REN AND STIMPY). Unfortunately, the track is not a big favorite with Stones fans, nor the Stones themeselves, and as such, the track is a little obscure. But I think this is a great piece of video art.

I expect to show more of these videos in the future, as animation mixed with rock music is, for me, a match made in heaven.

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