Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Animation Motivation

I need to motivate myself. I have been in the process of doing so. I have something planned.

After my anxious post on animation blogs, I went ahead and made a comment on Eddie Fitzgerald’s blog. He had a posting of images to draw from, which is something I am quite interested in. Anything that helps me better understand animation character design is of interest to me, especially if its visual.

I am currently in the process of getting my thesis going. Actually, I’ve been working on it since May, but the fact is, my central idea finally came together last week after much painful thought. I can’t mention it here, because I want to flesh it out more before I’m confident enough with the story.

My idea is going to be something of a black comedy. I have started drawing some inspiration from Jeff Smith’s Bone comics.

I only became interested in Bone very recently. Unfortunately, the comic has been over for three years. Regardless, I like the characters and the their relation to the Tolkein-esque setting.

Here are some idea sketches I have so far. Don’t guess what the character is, because I know you’ll have a hard time guessing.


Josh Weisbrod said...

Hey, Emmett! Just saw this blog for the first time, and it's really great. Your reviews are good and your personal reflections on your own work and the industry at large are insightful and interesting. Keep going!

Emmett said...

Thank you, Josh.

I made the realization recently to start posting more frequently. I'm glad you are reading it.