Sunday, July 15, 2007

Twoben Update

I’m keeping myself as busy as possible.

I am finally getting my website up on the internet. Lee Rubenstein has been helping me out with the process, which is pretty tricky. Lee is great at this stuff; he is the master of self-promotion. There isn’t a whole lot up yet except a link to this blog, but the site is active and up on the net.

Check out, if you are interested in checking out the progress of the site.

It will feature all my animation, a personal bio, and hopefully soon, an image section. I’ve signed on to Flickr, which puts together image slideshows. I intend to make one that follows the run of my thesis. I should have that up by September.

In the meantime, John Kricfalusi had an amazing entry on his blog regarding the blandness of today’s animation. For the most part, I agreed heavily with much of what he said. Much of today’s commercial animation is very indistinct, and too money-oriented. However, I was suprised that he made no mention of the world of independent animation. Having met many independent animators here in New York, I can safely say that they are anything but bland. These artists are not bogged down by commercial executives, and have total control over their artistic visions. The only drawback to independent animation is that it is extra work to get your stuff seen. But there is an audience for it, as I am part of it.

Also, I don’t count Pixar as being bland. And that is further evidenced by the brilliance of Ratatouille.

Also on a side-note, my short film, Ivan’s Act, made it into the Animation Block Party. These are three animation shows being held in Brooklyn over three nights, starting July 27.

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