Friday, January 18, 2008

Drawing during the week.

I've been doing a lot of (non-thesis) drawing lately, which is actually a good thing. It keeps me in better head space.

Just thought I'd post some of them.

A Gothic Mouse. I've been listening to the Cure a lot lately.

I love making lines and hatchings when I doodle.

I work in a film equiptment office. This page was filled up during a slow hour.

Some life drawing that went pretty well.

I think I'll hold off on writing about Hanna Barbera for a while. I've probably said all I need to say.


Anonymous said...

wow those are really cool. The first one is cute, I'm sure that it wasn't meant to

well, nice blog.


Anonymous said...

I have occasionally checked up upon your blog in the past, and I have seen some very good work from you, especially "Ivan's Act."

Interesting drawings. Some of these are pretty hilarious (the pig drawing cracked me up.). I can't wait for your so-called "thesis" to be finished.