Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008.

Happy New Year!

I wish it to my friends, family, and to anyone out there reading this blog.

This blog is also a year old. The anniversary is not exact, but what the hell.
This past year, I really caught the blog bug. I wanted to be a part of it, because these blogs really give individual artists many opportunities. It allows for artistic exposure, artistic insight, free lessons in animation, hidden treasures, and of course, the chance to show off your favorite animation and inspirations.

My blog is not as detailed as those of the pros (John Kricfalusi, Michael Sporn, Patrick Smith), as I cannot call myself one yet. I don’t have enough finished artwork to present excessive amounts of (Kali Fontecchio, Dan Pinto, many of John K’s readers). What I do have, as a student struggling to learn the language of a beloved artform, is a place to ask questions, show what inspires me, and open up about what I can’t seem to find anything on.

For me, the high point of this blog, so far, occured this past summer. I posted images from David T. Nethery’s web page of animator photos. Among the images I posted was one of animator Mark Kausler. I learned later on that a scandalous comment was made on my blog, accusing Mr. Kausler of being a pedophile. David Nethery contacted me, and said that some anonymous blogger had been making these false accusations. I quickly removed the comment. I took a screen grab of it, just in case any evidence was needed.

I have to say I was flattered. Because not only did it show that people other than my friends noticed my blog, but that I may have, in a very small way, helped out Mr. Kausler.

This past year, I finished my film, Ivan's Act, and submitted to a handful of festivals. It was accepted into the Animation Block Party back in July.

My new year’s resolution is complete another film. I look forward to finishing Parasite’s Delight this coming summer.

Happy New Year again.


Elliot Cowan said...

You've been looking at Gerald Scarfe, I see.
I discovered him when I was 8 and he's been a big inspiration ever since.

Emmett said...

I've only been into Scarfe for the last year, but I think he's amazing. His art is unlike anything I've seen.

Elliot Cowan said...

He's often compared to Ralph Steadman, who is much better known.
You should look him up too.

Emmett said...

I know Ralph Steadman. I believe he and Scarfe knew each other for a while when starting out. I can see certain similarites in their work, but I draw a huge contrast between them as well. That's not to say I don't like Steadman. I like his work a lot.

Eric Noble said...

Great blog. I hope to see your new film. Is it hand-drawn, stop-motion, or 3-D?

Emmett said...

My new film is hand-drawn. I will be posting up stuff for it periodically in the next few months.

Thad said...

I got the same comment about Mark on my blog awhile ago. I deleted it because of its outrageousness.

I get heckled all the time by some loser with a woodpecker fetish (seriously).

Some people have no lives.