Saturday, January 26, 2008

My confession

I have been to two parties this week, and neglected my thesis twice. I was encouraged to go to one, and the other was a special occasion. I will illustrate one with photographs, and the other with doodles.

Drinking and Drawing

It was organized by Lee Rubenstein and Dan Meth. The original basis was to simply drink and then animate, and the animation would reflect your intoxication. Well, it seems the idea changed to simply gathering at a bar and creating an "animjam."

For those who don't know, an "anijam" is an animated piece made up of different segments each done by a different animator. When one animator finishes, the next picks up from the last drawing of the previous. It sounds a little confusing, but once you see one, its really quite simple. I love anijams, as they reflect individual artists in such a settle way. And I've always wanted to be part of one. The jam should be up on the Frederator site next week.

Jessica Plummer's So Long

Jessica Plummer is one of the best animators I know personally. There are many places she can go with her amazing drawing skills. One of those places appears to be Chicago. She is leaving New York for the time being to follow her boyfriend to Chicago, and she held a fond farewell bash (I'm probably making it sound pretty sad, but it wasn't).

I went to catch up with Jessica, as well as a few others, because I am unable to see them for months at a time now, due to my schedule. Even though it was nice to catch up, I ended up keeping my nose buried in my sketchpad, as I normally do. These are a few of the pages I filled up during the night.

And I close with some last minute scratches. I apologize for not having another Gothic mouse. I just needed to get something posted this week.

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